Friday, July 11, 2008

Introcucing Access Altus

This is a blog dedicated to military families stationed in Altus, OK. As a newcomer, I found myself wandering around town wondering what there is to do, wishing I had recommendations for shopping, eating, churches, contractors, realtors, etc. (a hundred etc.'s). I always seemed to find out about information only by word of mouth or after the fact ("oh, there was a great concert in town last week" for example) and thought it might be nice to start a centralized place where people can come and get info on the happenings in small town Altus. Please feel free to contact me with any recommendations you have, any knowledge of upcoming events, any bargains a store is having that is too good to miss, etc. I will be more than happy to pass along the info. Thanks for stopping by "Access Altus" and be sure to check back frequently for more updates!